Resources for Rehousing Greyhounds

Organisations that have information regarding retired greyhounds.

Other Helpful Organisations for Greyhound Welfare


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About Magicshine Retired Greyhounds:

As a lover of the outdoors I enjoy mountain-biking and walking. I love and respect nature and appreciate the beauty of it. When I was out testing some new magicshine lights for my shop then I saw some greyhounds running across a field – the beauty of their gate was breathtaking ans they had a speed that I could never hope to emulate on my bicycle. It was simply jaw-droppingly amazing, as though they were riding on clouds – or springs. I spoke to the owners who informed me that they were retired greyhounds and he also told me that a fantastic number of the animals needed homing every year. I met the owner and the dogs – which were fantastically friendly – even though I do admit that I am not a “dog-person” – but I am very much a humanitarian which is why I decided that I would do what I can to help with the rehousing and re-homing of retired greyhounds so I set up this website – which is a portal to other organisations and charities that provide homes and information. This lists I have provided and the general information are by no means an exhaustive list of the resources. When I have the time I will be updating this site with more information but until then, I really help that you will find it useful.